8 September 2022
Moderator offers ‘deepest, heartfelt & sincere
condolences’ on the death of the Queen
The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Right Reverend Dr John
Kirkpatrick, has offered the Church’s ‘deepest, heartfelt and sincere condolences’ to
His Majesty the King, on this evening’s announcement that Her Majesty the Queen
passed away peacefully this afternoon at Balmoral.
In paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth, Dr Kirkpatrick said, “On behalf of the General
Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, I would like to extend our deepest,
heartfelt and sincere condolences to His Majesty the King and the Royal Family, on
the loss of one so loved and respected.
“For those in Northern Ireland who express their loyalty to the Crown, few can
remember a time when The Queen was not part of the very fabric of national life, as
her Platinum Jubilee in June demonstrated. At the same time, for many who do not
share that same sense of loyalty, in her long life Queen Elizabeth became one of the
most recognisable and respected figures across these islands.
“The Queen will be remembered for her sense of duty and quiet dedication to the
service of the people of the United Kingdom, and those farther afield. Her promise,
made long ago on her 21st birthday, that her ‘whole life whether it be long or short
shall be devoted to your service…’ has now been fulfilled, and we give thanks to God
for that long and dutiful life,” Dr Kirkpatrick said.
Dr Kirkpatrick continued, “As an all-Ireland denomination, many of our members, and
indeed non-members alike, found much hope and encouragement in Her Majesty’s
many visits to Northern Ireland, not least during the darkest of days. Few will also
forget her state visit to the Republic of Ireland with her late husband, Prince Philip, 11
years ago.
“In a long and significant reign, they were four days in May that not only made
history, but quietly closed a chapter in Ireland’s story. A short visit that left a longlasting impression, which will be remembered for many years to come, alongside her
commitment to peace and reconciliation,” he said.
The Moderator concluded by saying, “In acknowledging a life of devotion to public
service, I will always remember The Queen’s willingness to talk about her personal
faith in Jesus Christ. I was greatly encouraged by her Christian witness, which was a
wonderful example for everyone who acknowledges the name of Jesus as their
“A blessing to so many, I remember Her Majesty talking of Jesus in one Christmas
broadcast as ‘an inspiration and an anchor in my life’. At this time of great sadness,
bereavement and loss, it is my prayer that His Majesty the King, and Royal family,
will take heart in that simple, but profound declaration. It is also my prayer that they
may know the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the anchor of our soul, and our
ultimate comforter in times of great sadness.”