‘Our purpose in Cairncastle Presbyterian Church is to glorify God and show His love by ; worshipping together, telling others about Jesus, using and developing our gifts, encouraging each other in our everyday lives and becoming more like Him as we grow in faith – all through the power of the Holy Spirit.’

This mission statement of our congregation will be enhanced and developed through the Congregational Mission Plan for Cairncastle Presbyterian Church.  Our plan encourages members to continue in the many facets of service and mission already being undertaken within the church and community.

The Mission Plan is set out under a series of headings which we believe are both challenging and imaginative, while at the same time being practical and achievable.  It seeks to enhance the work which is presently being carried out and we give thanks for all who continue to strive for the extension of Christ’s Kingdom in our community and congregation.

Our church is well equipped to carry forward the Mission Plan as we have a healthy and diverse range of talents within the congregation, and we also have excellent up-to-date facilities in terms of our buildings. Accepting our strengths and weaknesses, we realise this plan can only succeed through the power of prayer and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. With God’s strength we seek to be transformed through fellowship, worship, prayer and encouragement from one another, bringing us into a deeper, committed, living relationship with Jesus Christ our Saviour and our Lord.

1. Sunday Services and Worship Resources

Objective: to encourage every member ministry by regular participation of individuals in prayers, readings and Children’s talks. To explore new ways to introduce contemporary music and worship through video, internet and powerpoint technology. To develop fresh ways of involving community and congregation participation by greater awareness given to highlights in the church calendar and the community year – e.g. starting/leaving school, harvest/environment service. To celebrate different aspects of community work – e.g. medical, educational, social.

Review & Assessment:
Under care of Minister and Kirk Session, with support of individuals within congregation and in consultation with local community groups. 12 month review at Annual Elder’s Conference.

Progress since introduction of Mission Plan
The involvement of members of the Congregation in leading various parts of the Sunday service was initially successful but it became increasingly difficult to recruit volunteers.  Eventually it devolved to members of Session who take responsibility for Bible reading and prayer of intercession at each service.
People, other than Committee or elders, used to collect offering.
Praise Group, absent for some time, again leading items of praise each week and younger members also being encouraged to participate.
Has been difficult to develop ways of involving community participation except through Prayer Walk and Christian Unity services
Data projectors in the Church have been upgraded and can now provide excellent visuals during the service for words of hymns and slides for talks etc

Plans for the future
Encourage more members of congregation to become involved with Bible readings and prayers of intercession during Sunday services
Looking to congregation, particularly young people, for fresh ideas to introduce into worship eg use of music as part of intercessory prayer
Involvement of more young people in Praise Group with instruments, percussion, singing and helping them to participate in a meaningful way
Planning ahead taking account of events such as starting back to school or university, specific community initiatives and the Churches calendar events
Exploring different forms of worship which would help to encourage those not involved with Church, perhaps on specific Sundays such as Fathers’ Day     

2. Explore ways of making room for God in a busy world 

Objective:  to support one another as we grow in Christ through regular Bible Study and prayer times. Encouragement of taking small steps in spending time with God, introduction of mid-week Bible Study looking at the Christian response to Life Issues & Moral Topics as found within scripture. Development of a small facility as a Quiet Room (Reading room, study room, library, prayer room) which would be used as focal point for prayer time before Sunday service and at other times.

Review & Assessment: Session led initiative introduced at beginning of next church year with review to be taken after 12 months.

Progress since introduction of Mission Plan
Evening Bible Study introduced and has been reasonably well supported with 10-15 attending
The old minister’s room, now the ‘Quiet Room’  has been refurbished and prayer time before the service has been encouraged.  Numbers participating have been growing recently.

Plans for the future
Some changes to Quiet Room to create a more ‘homely’ relaxed atmosphere Appointment of a ‘prayer co-ordinator’
Introduction of prayer triplets
Consider some form of Sunday evening ‘worship’ time with objective of attracting young people particularly
Support and develop the habit of Bible Study and Worship
Use of website, facebook and twitter
Offer an occasional family meal developing fellowship within Congregation

3. Pastoral Care Support

Objective:  development of team of volunteers, who along with minister and elders would offer pastoral support and friendship to those within our congregation whose personal circumstances may be difficult or demanding. Also attention would be given to those who had not been at recent communion services. Regular training on good practice, effective listening and bereavement care provided for those involved in this ministry.

Review & Assessment : under care of Session Elder, Mr David Holden, to be reviewed at end of 12 months- when an overview of needs of congregation can be better determined and specific resources for volunteers provided.

Progress since introduction of Mission Plan
Pastoral Care training was provided with 13 members attending the ‘Christian Guidelines’ course.
A pastoral care team has been set up with a good response from the congregation
System for distributing flowers and fruit to elderly, bereaved and sick members following Harvest Services has been improved.  

Plans for the future
Continue to encourage and investigate extending help to the wider community
Need to publicise both within congregation and to community
Reaching out to non-attending members



4. Youth Night Coffee Bar

Objective: continuing development of new initiative of youth ministry in form of evening coffee bar venture. Young people will initially meet one evening in the month, with the view to increase this as publicity and support spreads.

Review & Assessment: under care of Session and Mrs Lorna Ringland and Mrs Catherine Lynas, a six month plan has been drawn up and review will be taken at end of summer to decide best way forward.

Progress since introduction of Mission Plan
Unfortunately neither the ‘coffee bar’ nor suggested organised outings, eg 10 pin bowling, were successful.
Joint project with Raloo and Larne Churches attracted six of our young people who attended last Halloween

Plans for the future
Continue to look for ways to reach out to our young people
Formation of a Youth Leaders Forum in order to develop a youth strategy
Seek assistance from Youth & Children’s Board
5. Communication

Objective: to enable better communication between all members of the congregation and to publicise ministry and resources available within Cairncastle Presbyterian Church.  Development of existing website with regular updating and more interactive facilities made available. Database to be compiled of members email addresses to be compiled in order to assist with dissemination of information and to gain better understanding of individual needs of members. Also development of CD ministry to elderly and housebound members of the congregation.
Review & Assessment: Under care of Session, this venture will be carried out within the next 12 months. Website will continually need to be updated and surveys among congregation can be used to monitor uptake and usefulness of email contact. CD ministry under review of Mr Les Simms

Progress since introduction of Mission Plan
Cairncastle Presbyterian website has been upgraded
Congregational database in the process of being developed
CD Ministry has been established and very much appreciated by those unable to attend on Sunday
The ‘Bulletin’, the Church magazine, continues to provide the Congregation with information on four occasions during the year.
To provide useful information to members a visitation of the whole Congregation was made in August/September 2012 by Minister and elders

Plans for the future
Review and update Church website
Develop Facebook and Twitter
Form a group to consisting of those involved with website, CD ministry and Bulletin to consider development of these areas
Update congregational database taking into account data protection
Invite congregation to provide email addresses
Investigate the possibility of provision of internet access

6. Four Churches Mission

Objective: to continue to develop strong links with other three churches working within Cairncastle community including active promotion of Inter-Church services during week of Prayer for Christian Unity, joint Dawn Service at Easter and prayer/pilgrimage walk in summer. Seeking ways to further these bonds by exploring development of Lay group in parallel with Coastal Clergy Group and invitation to hold joint Open Day when all churches and their associated organisations, as well as community groups, can promote and publicise all which is available to those who live in the area.

Review & Assessment: under care of Cairncastle Presbyterian Church Kirk Session and Coastal Clergy Group, monthly meetings of Clergy Group will continue to meet and co-ordinate these initiatives.

Progress since introduction of Mission Plan
The following initiatives were continued by the Four Churches Coastal Clergy group:
Suicide awareness sessions
Prayer walk which finished in new Ballygally community hall
Easter morning dawn service
Queen’s Jubilee celebrations
A ‘Christianity Explored’ course was proposed to take place in the Ballygally Hall involving the whole community – this did not take place because it did not have the support of all four churches.

Many of our members have been involved in participation and organisation of all of these activities.

Plans for the future
Encourage and support continued efforts of Coastal Clergy Group
Explore the idea of a lay group with consisting of representatives of each of the 4 Churches to support the Coastal Clergy Group
Consider the possibility of organising a Christianity Explored course which would be open to the whole community under the auspices of the 4 Churches

7. Community

Objective: explore ways to strengthen relationships already existing between different community organisations and residents groups and continued support and promotion of local discipleship courses. Encouragement of continuing use of Church premises by Cairncastle Community Association, Ballygally Community Development Association, Cairncastle Primary School, Cairncastle LOL and individuals. Encourage members of the congregation to continue to take responsibility within Community Associations and Board of Governors in local Primary School and support Larne church initiatives such has Alpha and Intercessory Prayer times.

Review & Assessment: under care of Session and Congregational Committee, every application for use of halls is considered carefully in light of health and safety and insurance issues.

Progress since introduction of Mission Plan
Involvement with programme and activities in new Ballygally Hall
Continued liaison with two community associations suggesting events that could involve the local churches
Encouraging the continuing use of the Church buildings by the community
Continued involvement with Cairncastle LOL and Primary School
Men’s Fellowship invites members from the other churches and from the community to attend their meetings

Plans for the future
Look for fresh opportunities to ‘attract’ the community
Explore the challenge of influencing people, outside the Church, to become involved.
Organise special services such as a Rainbow Club Service or service for the recently bereaved
Some form of practical help to members of the community eg elderly should be considered
Seek some involvement, perhaps from Minister, with the Corran Integrated School and continue to encourage our involvement with Cairncastle Primary Schoo
Revitalise the Men’s Fellowship encouraging more community involvement
Attempt made to reach out to families whose children attend our youth organisations but do not come to church
More attention should be paid to visitors to our church with introduction of ‘pew cards’ to enable information passed on or requests made
8. Local Charity Outreach

Objective: to explore and enhance outlets for expression of practical Christian concern, love and care in our local area and beyond with consideration given to adopting a specific charity for a defined period Development of transport offers for church, shopping and hospital. Use of Church Bulletin to promote and educate members of congregation concerning those already involved in charity work such as Hospice Support, Barnardos, Save the Children, Rotary, Habitat for Humanity and the Simon Community.
Review & Assessment: under care of Session and Fundraising committee, this is a work that is viewed as being a long-term commitment with annual review as to Charities highlighted.

Progress since introduction of Mission Plan
Regular items in Church Bulletin providing information about local charities
Contribution of 50% of profits from annual plant sale and tithing of Harvest collections given to local charities
Church has become involved in the development of the Larne Food Bank and members of the congregation contribute weekly to the food supply

Plans for the future
Further encouragement through focus on, say two, specific local charities, nominated by the congregation, for a certain period of time eg 2 years
Prayer requests to include these charities
Communication of Mission Plan to Congregation

The Mission plan was approved and adopted by Kirk Session of Cairncastle Presbyterian Church on Thursday 22nd April.  It was then incorporated into booklet which delivered to each family within the congregation, along with Luke’s Gospel – Wide Awake initiative from BMI.  The Mission Plan was launched at a special service followed with series of services based on Wide Awake resources.
Assessment & Review

An annual assessment and review has been conducted at the Elder’s Conference in September and progress has been reported regularly at Session meetings.  Several members of the original Mission Focus Group met with Session in September 2013 to discuss progress and to plan for future development.

Kirk Session
Cairncastle Presbyterian Church
October 2013