Unfortunately, our services are currently suspended.  However, Rev Andrew will post pre-recorded messages each Sunday and midweek.



We meet together for worship each Sunday morning at 11am. As we gather together in God’s house as His family, our desire is that everyone who comes along, whether you are one or one hundred and one, whether you are joining us for the first time or have been coming for a lifetime, feels welcomed as part of that family and is able to feel comfortable and at home as we worship together.

Coming to church is about spending time with God together, about worshipping as part of a community and about knowing the blessing of God’s presence as a family of His people. There should be nothing that we do that gets in the way of that so come along and join us in a way that makes you feel comfortable – there is no ‘dress code’, no ‘seating plan’, no need to worry about when to stand up or sit down or about what expressions of worship will be right or wrong. We simply want you to feel welcome among us and most importantly to be able to worship our Father God in a way that is meaningful to you within the context and ethos of our Presbyterian faith.

Children up to the age of 11 (or up to and including Year 7 of Primary School) remain with us for the first 15-20 minutes of worship which we aim to make as family-friendly as possible. They have their own short ‘Kids Talk’ and a praise item relevant to them and we really enjoy and welcome their participation (and the interruptions that sometimes happen) in the first part of the service – they are such an important part of our family life together! These children are then able to go from the main service to enjoy their own activities in an adjoining hall and can be collected from there at the end of our worship.

Secondary school age young people are very welcome to be a part of the worshipping body but there is also a opportunity for them to get together to chat and share in their own Bible Class during the service on the second and fourth Sundays of the month when they leave the main service with the primary school age children and find their own corner to hang out together. Once a month we hold an ‘all-age service’ when children, young people and adults all share the entirety of the service together and we believe this is important because we are all a vital part of this worshipping family and a part of God’s church today whatever our age – you can find details of when these services will be taking place elsewhere on the website.

Perhaps the best way for you to discover what attending church services is like is to come along and join us and find out for yourself. Our hope is that you will find a group of very ordinary, normal people with the same sorts of challenges and problems that face us all in today’s world waiting to welcome you and to show you that with Jesus at centre lives become extra-ordinary opportunities to show and share His love and to face those challenges and problems in the context of a caring and supportive family.

If you have any questions about what has been taught or anything else that may be concerning you, Andrew, the minister, is available for a chat after the service.

Who and what we are and why we worship is all about Jesus – come along and join us. We might be more like you than you think and more unexpected than you imagine! So…


Come and worship,
you who woke early and you who slept late;
you who come often, and you who don’t.
Whether we are first or last or somewhere in between,
there is room for all of us in God’s kingdom,
and more than enough grace to go around.
Come, let us worship our generous God together!
(Based on Matthew 20: 1-16)”