Cairncastle Presbyterian Church




The Church itself is what’s known as a ‘Barn’ style Church with seating on the ground floor for about 150 & for about 50 in the balcony. 

 An Allen electronic organ with supplementary speakers was recently donated to the Church.

 The area to the left of the pulpit is used by the Praise Group, while the area to the right is occupied by the Choir.

 Two projectors are used to provide all details of the service, using Powerpoint, each Sunday on to the walls either side of the pulpit.  We find that projecting the words of the Hymns/Psalms on the walls enhances the singing ‘quality’ of the congregation.

 Two radio microphones can used to augment the pulpit & lecturn microphones.

 Many of the services have been recorded and made available on CD to members who are unable to attend Church.  Recently, services have been livestreamed on Facebook.


The foyer of the Church can be enlarged by opening folding doors & incorporating the Main Hall foyer.  This enlarged foyer is used every Sunday to provide coffee/tea after the service,  a facility which is greatly appreciated!

 There are two Halls, both with kitchens, attached to the Church.   The larger ‘Lecture Hall’, with a fully fitted kitchen and a stage,  is used for most functions while the smaller ‘McFerran Hall’ provides a more intimate atmosphere for meetings etc.  The audio from the Church is available in both, which allows either to be used for ‘overflow’ situations in the Church. 

 On the first floor of the recent extension (McFerran Hall) there is an Office, Conference Room, Ministers Room (with facilities) & under roof storage.  The original ‘Ministers Room’, which can accommodate 10 – 12, is now used as a ‘quiet room’ for prayer.

 Both Halls and the Church itself are disabled friendly and a small car park at the front of the Church provides parking for 5/6 cars.