Our  Church is called to live out our faith every day, whatever our circumstances.

Christians need to be learning constantly from the Bible.  It is our spiritual ‘food’.  We post introductions to key passages here to help members improve their grasp of the main characters and themes!



‘The Bible Project’ has produced an excellent series of introductions to the various books of the Bible. They can all be found on Youtube.  Have a listen to this one setting out the main themes from Genesis 1 – 11.


Genesis ch 1-3  How do we make sense of the world in which we live?

It’s so wonderful in some ways and dreadful in others.  How do we reconcile the beauty with the danger, the brilliance with the disaster, selfless courage one minute and selfish cruelty the next?

Understanding our origins is a good start and the first few chapters of the Bible’s first book, Genesis, help us in this.

Scientists, impressed with the mathematical precision of the universe, wonder how such order could have come about by random processes.(1)  It didn’t.  The farthest galaxy and the most microscopic detail were designed and brought into being by a Creator.  Note how in ch 1 God celebrates the order, quality, variety and colour of all He makes.  He says it’s good.

In both chs 1 and 2 particular attention is given to the human race.  We are described as being distinct from other species, ‘made in His image’.  Things like gender, equality, marriage and responsible supervision of environment and resources are established as part of the blueprint for our benefit as God blesses our first ancestors.

So what went wrong?  Read ch 3.  We did, and still do!

Choosing to put us all outside God’s blessing, Adam and Eve joined the tempter in declaring proud self-sufficiency, breaking the only rule they’d been given and inviting judgement.  Banished from Eden and estranged from our Maker, human beings and the natural order itself are languishing under a curse that brings difficulty, pain, sickness and death.

So things are still astounding and beautiful but compromised, broken and spoiled for now.

The hope is in the hint of grace near the end of ch 3.  Even as The Creator solemnly and sadly pronounces righteous judgement, He shows pity and compassion, clothing these first sinners and promising that one day one of their descendants would ‘bruise the serpent’s head’, remove the curse and reopen the way to life.

The stage is set for the epic story of salvation.  The world needs a Saviour.


(1) World renowned scientist Francis Collins (who headed the Human Genome Project, mapping human DNA) is just one of many scientists who are also practising Christians.  In his 2007 book ‘The Language of God’, Collins argues science and faith are completely compatible.




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