If the Bible is like spiritual ‘food’, praying is the ‘oxygen’!

“Most of all, friends, always rejoice in the Lord! I never tire of saying it: Rejoice! Keep your gentle nature so that all people will know what it looks like to walk in His footsteps. The Lord is ever present with us. Don’t be anxious about things; instead, pray. Pray about everything. He longs to hear your requests, so talk to God about your needs and be thankful for what has come. And know that the peace of God (a peace that is beyond any and all of our human understanding) will stand watch over your hearts and minds in Jesus, the Anointed One.” 

From Paul’s Letter to the Philippians Chapter 4 ( Living Bible)


We are using the weekly prayer points from PCI.  We may also add more local prayer topics as appropriate.

Sunday 19 September

·     Moderator | BBC Radio 4 will broadcast a service with the Moderator and involving musicians from the New
Irish Choir and Orchestra on Sunday 19 September. Thank God for the opportunities the churches are given to broadcast and pray that this service will be a blessing to many.

·     Regrouping and regathering for worship | Thank God for how he has helped families, children and young people through the pandemic. Pray that they would continue to re-integrate into worshipping life as greater normality returns.  

Monday 20 September

·     Naomi Leremore (global mission worker in Kenya) | Give thanks for the Theological Education by Extension
team of writers (including Naomi) who have been working on a mentorship guidebook. Pray that the guide will
be completed soon and will be helpful for those involved in mentoring teenagers.

·     Afghanistan | Pray for those evacuated or still trying to flee Afghanistan, that they would find refuge and be guided in their next steps. Pray for Christians to be strengthened in their witness and for all minorities to be protected.


Tuesday 21 September

·     Rosemary Spiers (deaconess in Greenwell Street, Newtownards) | Give thanks to God for many returning
to church and ministries restarting. Pray that during the ‘BER’ months, SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER and DecemBER, there would be many opportunities taken to ‘Bear one anothers burdens’.

·     Glenelly (Co Tyrone) | Give thanks for the online Holiday Bible Club. Pray that God’s Word would bear fruit
in young lives. Pray for the ongoing in-building and drive-in services on Sundays and for souls to be saved.


Wednesday 22 September

·     Derek and Jane French (global mission workers in Spain) | Pray for Bilbao International Church committee
as they make plans for this autumn. Due to the pandemic and lack of job opportunities, the committee has
lost half their members. Pray for God to provide the right people to replace those who have left.

·     Global Mission | Pray for wisdom and guidance for the Council for Global Mission, its committees, panels
and task groups, remembering especially Rev Uel Marrs (secretary) and Rev Dr Liz Hughes

·     pandemic.


Thursday 23 September

·     Mark Annett (First Rathfriland, Co Down) | Give thanks for the recent Holiday Bible Club and pray for the resulting outreach opportunities. Pray for wisdom as church groups / activities recommence. Pray that the continued online presence would be a chance to speak to many who otherwise may not hear the good news.

·     Greystones (Co Wicklow) | Give thanks for the easing of restrictions, and pray for wisdom in expanding into these new freedoms. Pray for plans to begin an Alpha course this month and that people will come along.


Friday 24 September

·     Social Witness | Pray for all medical, nursing & social care staff as they continue to work through the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pray that they may be given renewed energy when they are exhausted and drained.
Give thanks for their commitment and dedication over the last 19 months of the Covid-19 crisis.   

·     Financial pressures | Give thanks for organisations like Christians Against Poverty and Trussell Trust who
support those facing financial hardship. Pray that those struggling financially would be able to access and
receive the support they need.

Saturday 25 September

·     General Council | Pray for the Linkage Commission as it meets next week to consider a number of vacancies
and other important reports.  Pray for the convener, James Livingstone and secretary, Rev Ker Graham,
as they continue to give leadership to the work of the Commission in these challenging times.

·     Training in Ministry | Next week, a Pre-retirement Conference is planned for ministers due to retire in the next couple of years & their spouses. Many ministers find the adjustments of retirement challenging moving house, joining a new congregation, & ceasing full-time ministry. Pray for recently retired ministers and those planning for retirement, that the Lord will give grace for the changes and use them in a new season of life.



Sunday 12 September

·     Moderator | Pray for the Moderator as he visits the congregation of Upper Clonaneese on Sunday to dedicate and open the new suite of halls. Pray for safety for him and for Zoe as they travel to different venues and events now that a more normal schedule is gradually being resumed.

·     Regrouping & regathering for worship | Thank God for those who lead worship – preparing the building, preaching, providing accompaniment for praise & providing technological input. Pray for continued passion & perseverance.   

Monday 13 September

·     Peter & Valerie Lockwood (global mission workers, Nepal) | On top of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, monsoon season has brought considerable flooding to the Terai region of Nepal. Pray for the team and local partner organisations as they coordinate with local and district-level stakeholders to support food relief to the neediest.

·     Syria & Lebanon | Pray for the work and witness of the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon, especially for the efforts to bring humanitarian aid and education to refugees and displaced people in the region.


Tuesday 14 September

·     Cheryl Meban (university chaplain) | Pray for Cheryl in her role as chaplain in the Ulster University campuses at Belfast and Jordanstown, particularly as students prepare for a new term. Pray for those students who will be starting their first year of university, that they will adjust well to university life.  

·     Douglas | Pray for the congregation of Douglas as they seek to return to something approaching normality after the disruption caused by Covid-19. Pray that the Kirk Session will have wisdom in the decisions they make for Church Life.


Wednesday 15 September

·     Csaba & Ilona Veres (global mission workers, Romania) | Pray for Diakonia’s new LINK-IN ministry aimed at calling, training and equipping volunteers to serve in their children’s ministries. Pray for recruitment meetings
and training events to inspire local mission through the work of Diakonia.

·     Latvia | Pray for our partners in Latvia, the Evangelical Reformed Church of Latvia and the Baltic Reformed Theological Seminary. Pray for their work and witness through the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Thursday 16 September

·     Colin Megaw (prison chaplain) | Chaplaincy ministry returned to Woodlands Juvenile Justice in an in-person format at the start of August and chaplains are delighted to be back with the staff and young people.  Please pray for their ongoing outreach and support work.

·     Great Victoria Street (Belfast) | Following the pandemic, please pray for a recovery period where Great Victoria Street congregation can start to build again. Give thanks for the opportunities they have had to support one another. Pray that the congregation can find its way to flourish in whatever is to come.


Friday 17 September

·     Social Witness | As the new school year begins, pray for children & young people who are experiencing bullying, for strength not to give in and to always tell a trusted adult. Pray especially for those targeted by bullies online.

·     On These Steps | Today a special event takes place at Union Theological College marking the role it played in hosting the first NI Parliament 100 years ago. Pray that those who attend and watch online would have an opportunity to reflect on our shared past and also be enabled to look forward with Christian hope to a shared future across these islands.

Saturday 18 September

·     General Council | Pray for the Clerk, Deputy Clerk and all the staff in the General Secretary’s Department as
they make final preparations for the General Assembly. Pray especially that there will be time for the necessary precautions in what is a very busy autumn period in church life.

·     Training in Ministry | The Auxiliary Ministry Scheme training course that started in Jan 2020, has been completed, after a Covid-19 delay, with the Service of Accreditation tomorrow night. Give thanks for the nine trainees. Pray
that AM posts will be created in congregations, and that the Lord will use them to build his Church.


Prayer in Changing Circumstances

Lord, as things move and change around me, I hold onto the One Who does not change and seek again Your guidance and help.

When I’m happy and upbeat,

grant me wisdom and gratitude and keep me from sin.

When I’m feeling strong and capable,

keep me humble and gentle, give me perspective, may I never lose compassion for others in need.

But when everything seems suddenly threatened,

remind me our ultimate destiny is assured and bright in resurrection and the sweet wholeness of eternal life, all things made new in Your love.  Galvanise my heart and mind and soul meanwhile for this time of trial!

When I feel weak,

may I find strength from beyond myself and the assurance Your grace really is enough.  Reassure me I will find all the help I need.

When I’m afraid,

help me know my Protector is near and that the worst trauma will pass, the most painful suffering will end.  Grant me courage to keep following and do what’s right.

When I am broken-hearted,

save me from bitterness or resentment.  Help me to trust for light in the dark and peace in the storm.  Through my tears may I still see cause for praise and thanks.

When I’m lonely,

help me look to Your cross which You endured alone for me.  Thank You for saving us like this, in sorrow and deep vulnerability.  Help me reach out and find healing in Your wounds.

Help me, and those dear to me, today

For I trust in You.


Sunday 5 September

·     Moderator | In Sept a conference for ministers contemplating retirement will be held. Pray for ministers who are reaching this time of transition, & for the those who are commencing training for the ministry at Union College.

·     Regrouping and regathering for worship | Thank God for the way in which congregations have been able to regroup and regather for worship despite ongoing challenges. Pray for continued momentum as the summer draws to a close.

Monday 6 September

·     Volker and Jinhyeog Glissmann (global mission workers in Malawi) | Give thanks for the overwhelming response in a local church where 36 members signed up to take the “Knowing God” course. This is the highest number from one congregation ever to join the training.

·     Leaders-in Training | Pray for students from overseas partner churches whose studies are supported by PCI, that as many courses resume for the autumn season there will be little disruption from Covid-19 restrictions.


Tuesday 7 September

·     Michelle Purdy (deaconess in Ballyclare) | Give thanks that Michelle has been able to return to work part-time after surgery in April. Please pray for her as work life begins to return to normal. Pray for her role in the collective work of the local churches as they address the results of poverty, mental health issues and debt.

·     Dundalk | Pray for God’s blessing as the congregation continues to meet together for Sunday worship and for vision on how to open more church activities as the restrictions ease. Pray for all those who are suffering loss
at this time, that they may know God’s strength, healing and peace. 


Wednesday 8 September

·     Edwin and Anne Kibathi (mission to East Africans in the UK) | Thank God for the success of the recent Kenya and Friends In The Park event, pray that the spirit of God will continue ministering to those who were reached. Pray
that more people will have the confidence to come back to church. Pray also for the Lord’s guidance for the future.

·     Nepal | Pray for Nepal as it continues to recover from a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pray that the hospitals there would have adequate staffing and resources to meet the needs of the people.

Thursday 9 September

·     Dave Gray (chaplain in Derryvolgie, Q.U.B. & U.T.C.) | Praise God for the summer mission team in Aug, that many kids were blessed with Bible camp & 2 young men came to faith in Jesus. Pray for students at Derryvolgie
& the wider campus; for health, friendships, community and for the new Assistant Chaplain, Lyndsey Watterson.

·     Drogheda | Pray for the members, that they will know God’s leading as they plan the autumn season, for growth in godliness and for opportunities to share the gospel with the local community. 

Friday 10 September

·     Social Witness | Pray for Specialist Services as they work with individuals with addictions or discharged from prison – that they will invest in the programmes offered to them and respond appropriately. Give thanks for dedicated staff teams who dedicate themselves to this work.

·     Further and Higher Education | Pray for young people moving into higher or further education and especially for those who might be leaving home for the first time. Give thanks for Christian Unions and local churches who are preparing to welcome students and pray that they would have many opportunities to share the love of Jesus.

Saturday 11 September

·     General Council | Pray for the meeting of the Irish Inter Church Committee taking place next week and especially
for Very Rev Dr Ivan Patterson in his role of Co-chair of the IICC and President of the Irish Council of Churches.

·     Training in Ministry | The Conciliation Service is holding training for ministers next Thursday entitled, ‘Facilitating Difficult Conversations.’ This is a new training course, hoping to give further training to ministers in chairing meetings, and in pastoral situations. Pray for those who will lead the course, and for the ministers who attend,
that the Lord would equip them in this challenging area of their work.


Sunday 29 August


The Moderator’s diary for the autumn includes weekly church services, conferences, visits to other organisations and preparations for the General Assembly. Pray for David and Zoe as they begin to travel more extensively around Ireland, north and south.

Fanning the flame of congregational life: Being thankful

Ask God to make us thankful for how he has blessed us through the summer months, restoring our souls, renewing our enthusiasm, reviving us for what lies ahead.

Monday 30 August

Stephen and Angelina Cowan (global mission workers in Kenya)

Give thanks for the interest in change amongst village groups. Pray for all children who will transition to secondary school due to support through the programme here, that they will be influenced by the gospel which is clearly presented at youth events.


Pray for the work of PCI’s partner, the Christian Foundation Diakonia, based in Cluj, Transylvania and especially for the work and witness of the Home Care Team.

Tuesday 31 August

Sonya Anderson (deaconess in Shore Street, Donaghadee)

Pray for wisdom as the congregation makes plans for children’s ministry and for enough leaders to step forward to lead and help. Thank God that Shore Street has received leave to call a new minister. Pray that God will guide them in the next stage.

Donegal and Stranorlar (Co Donegal)

Give thanks that the congregations have been able to make use of opportunities to meet for worship and to gather outdoors.  Pray for God’s leading as the congregation moves forward into the autumn.

Wednesday 1 September

James and Heather Cochrane (global mission workers in Portugal)

Pray for James and Heather, that their time in Northern Ireland would be a time to rest and reconnect with family, friends and supporters. Pray for CPV during their absence. Pray for Alana and Lucy, who will begin studying at Queen’s University in Belfast.


Pray for the newly elected President, Hakainde Hichilema and for all of the new leaders in government; that they will lead and govern in ways that honour God and uphold Christian values. Give thanks that overall the elections were peaceful; continue to pray for calm in the coming days.

Thursday 2 September

Dan Rosbotham (Community Youth Worker in Ravenhill)

Give thanks for the relationships Dan has established with unchurched young people and for the outreach week that took place at the beginning of August. Pray for a successful launch to the Young Life Club in September and opportunities to engage with local secondary schools.

Kilkenny (Co Kilkenny)

Give thanks that Rev Jonathan Currie is to commence his ministry in Kilkenny on Saturday 4 September. Pray that he will settle well into the new area and that he will get to know the congregation quickly in the midst of the current Covid-19 restrictions.

Friday 3 September

Social Witness

Pray for Taking Care as they respond to the increasing demand for Access (NI) and GARDA checks and requests for training. Pray for the team as they deal with concerns within congregations and manage the issues within the CSW Homes / Units. Give thanks that Taking Care is well established within PCI.

Back to school

Pray that our children and young people would thrive and grow during this school year. Pray especially for those who are starting school for the first time or who have moved to a new school that any anxiety would dissipate and new friends would be made easily.

Saturday 4 September

General Council

As preparations are being made for the General Assembly in the first week of October, pray for the Moderator, Clerk, Deputy Clerk and the staff in the General Secretary’s Department who will seek to ensure that the practical arrangements are in place, and the business of the Assembly is managed well.

Council for Training in Ministry

New licentiates, or assistant ministers, who finished college study last June, are due to start their licentiate training this week. This training is one Friday per month, helping licentiates learn more about ministry while they practice it themselves. Pray that the Lord would shape them as they serve in congregations, and continue their training.

Let’s Pray         Sun 4 JulySat 10 July 2021
Sunday 4 July

·     Moderator | Many families will be spending holidays more locally this year. Pray for God-given times of refreshment and for protection from any new variant of coronavirus which might further inhibit the relaxation
of restrictions.

·     Fanning the flame of congregational life: Being positive | Ask God to help congregations be positive about approaching the resumption of worship and other activities after such a long and wearying season of
restrictions on gathering.

Monday 5 July

·     Stephen & Angelina Cowan (global mission workers in Kenya) | Pray for the youth camps to be held later this month. Due to Covid-19, most likely they will be smaller than normal, in several locations and led by senior youth from Tuum. Pray for good attendance and for many to dedicate their lives to following Christ.

·     Global Developement | Pray for the ongoing work of Christian Aid and Tearfund seeking to help people in great need throughout the world, sharing the gospel through love in action.

Tuesday 6 July

·      Hazel Reid (deaconess) | Pray for Hazel Reid as she continues to meet the pastoral needs of First Broughshane congregation and also works as part-time chaplain at N. Ireland Hospice and Causeway Hospital. Pray that her ministry will be effective and fruitful, bringing comfort to people and glory to God.

·      Arklow | Pray for the home mission congregation of Arklow; especially for Rev Michael Anderson, the Kirk Session and Irish mission worker Philip Whelton as they make plans to get activities up and running again.

Wednesday 7 July

·      Zambia | Pray for the nation of Zambia where Covid-19 cases have risen rapidly over the past month. Pray that people will take Covid-19 seriously and try to protect themselves and others by wearing face masks and social distancing. Pray for the leadership of CCAP Synod of Zambia as they endeavour to guide people.

·      Diane Cusick (global mission worker, Zambia) | Pray for Diane as she works from home in Lusaka & remember the teachers and children who were just suddenly told to stop school. Pray for their safety from the virus.

Thursday 8 July

·     Timothy Vaughan (community outreach worker in Garnerville, Belfast) | Pray for the church’s community football club held in the local estate, that many children and young people will attend and for good relationships with them. Pray too for the plans for the congregation’s children’s week due to be held at the end of August.

·     Athy and Carlow | Pray for the functioning of the congregations under the current restrictions. Pray particularly for the young people and that their leaders will be able to organise some activities for them over the summer.

Friday 9 July

·     Social Witness | Pray for our Home Managers as they continue to manage the challenges of Covid-19 & plan for more normal times. Pray for renewed strength and good health as they fight the fatigue of the past 16 months. Give thanks that they have been able to steer their Home/Unit through this most challenging time.

·     Families | As the school holidays begin pray that although some restrictions are still in place, families would have time to rest and have fun together. Pray especially for those caring for loved ones with additional needs, that the right support would be available over the summer months.

Saturday 10 July

·     General Council | Pray for safety and protection and a sense of peace and calm throughout Northern Ireland, especially on the 11th night and the 12th July itself.  Pray for wisdom for those both organizing and policing various parades and gatherings, so that needless tension will not build up at a sensitive time of the year.

·     Council for Training in Ministry | Pray for ministry students undertaking full-time summer assistantships in congregations through Ireland. Pray that they will both gain broader experience of ministry in different contexts
and bring blessing to the congregations where they are working.



Let’s Pray         Sun 27 JuneSat 3 July 2021
Sunday 27 June

·     Moderator | Pray for our political leaders in both jurisdictions at this time of much change and uncertainty.
Pray for wise decision-making which honours God and is for the good of everybody.

·     Being a grateful people | Ask God to help us to be a grateful people, aware of his many blessings, thankful
for his love, mercy, grace and kindness towards us.

Monday 28 June

·     India | Pray for all affected by Covid-19 in India. Pray for the leaders and members of our partner, the Church of North India, in particular the Diocese of Gujarat, one of the worst affected areas, as they seek to minister and witness throughout the pandemic. Pray too for congregations who have lost their ministers due to Covid-19.

·     Hungarian Reformed Church | Pray for the work and witness of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Hungary, Romania and Ukraine. Pray for all the Bible Clubs, camps, etc, for children and young people this summer.

Tuesday 29 June

·      University chaplains | Pray that staff, students and chaplains will be refreshed over the summer break. Pray for students graduating this summer, many of whom will be looking for jobs in a difficult economic climate.

·      Aghada & Cork | Pray for the church communities to grow in their love for each other and to invite others to worship with them. Pray for the minister to preach with power and passion, and for all of us to grow in grace.

Wednesday 30 June

·      United Mission to Nepal (UMN) | Give thanks that UMN’s general agreement with the government of Nepal
has been signed. Pray that the interim project and Covid-19 response agreements will now be signed quickly.

·      Peter & Valerie Lockwood (global mission workers, Nepal) | Pray for the challenging situation in the UMN hospitals in Tansen & Okhaldhunga as they provide primary healthcare and are at the frontline of the Covid-19 response. Pray too for the Lockwood family as they work through the changes that Covid-19 has necessitated.

Thursday 1 July

·     Prison chaplains | Pray for those in prison, their families and prison staff. Pray that all may come to know and love the Lord and his ways. Pray too for prison chaplains as they share the gospel and provide pastoral care. 

·     Alt (Co Donegal) | Thank God for helping us all physically and emotionally during lockdown and for good attendances at Sunday services. Pray for refreshment over the summer months, for comfort and healing for all who struggle with illness. Pray too for a return to normality and for wisdom in future planning.

Friday 2 July

·     Social Witness | Pray for our homes & units as they plan their summer activities & outings, praying that residents & tenants may find comfort & relaxation as they participate & benefit from the new freedom. Give thanks for all who will accompany them, that they will be given renewed energy & enthusiasm as they fulfil this important task.

·     Civil Service | Give thanks for civil servants who support the Government of Ireland and the Northern Ireland Executive. Pray for wisdom, good management and diligence in the support of policy-making and delivery of services to the public.

Saturday 3 July

·     General Council | Please pray for the ongoing work of the Linkage commission, particularly in processing Leave
to Call for vacant congregations. Pray especially for the convener, Mr James Livingstone and the Chair, the Very
Rev Dr Michael Barry in that work.

·     Council for Training in Ministry | The Accredited Preacher Scheme meets Mon – Fri next week, for intensive teaching in Union College. Pray for the trainees that the Lord will equip them to serve him in this way in his
Church. Pray too for the teachers, that the Lord will use them to teach effectively. Pray for existing Accredited Preachers as they preach in congregations throughout Ireland.



Let’s Pray         Sun 20 JuneSat 26 June 2021
Sunday 20 June

·     Moderator | Give thanks that the Church Leaders of the major Christian traditions in Ireland can speak
together on matters of national concern, and do so with a united voice. Pray for the Irish Council of Churches and its current President, Very Rev Dr Ivan Patterson.

·     Being an obedient people | Ask God to help us to be an obedient people, aware of our tendency to want to go our own way, ready to trust that his ways for us are good and right and true.

Monday 21 June

·     Covid-19 | Pray for all affected by Covid-19 around the world; those who have the virus, those recovering, and those who have lost loved ones. Pray for people around the world who are suffering due to pressures on healthcare systems and those suffering great hardship due to economic effects of the pandemic.

·     Gary & Mary Reid (global mission workers, Kenya) | Pray for the church families in Olkinyei & Siana, that they will be guided by God. Pray that many more people in Maasailand will come to know Jesus as their Saviour.

Tuesday 22 June

·      Rev Norman Harrison (chaplain, Royal Group of Hospitals) | Pray for wisdom and guidance for Norman as
he provides pastoral care and support to patients, their families and staff during difficult times. 

·      Taughmonagh, Belfast | Give thanks that the members of Taughmonagh have remained faithful to God during lockdown. Remaining a close church family, they continue to be generous in their giving and have welcomed some new faces with the return of in-person times of worship.

Wednesday 23 June

·      Steve & Rosie Kennedy (global mission workers, Romania) | Pray for ongoing involvement in the daily life and witness of Tóköz congregation through the Youth Band and most recently Bible Class, alongside preaching for Steve and work in the Kindergarten for Rosie.

·      Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) | Pray for the leadership and members of PCEA’s congregations (over 1,000 in Kenya and a small number in Tanzania and Uganda). Pray that the church will continue to grow.

Thursday 24 June

·     Tracey Nicholl (deaconess in St James’, Ballymoney) | Pray for Living Hope Community which Tracey is involved with, who hope to distribute school uniforms in August to families in need in their local community. Pray also that the Lord would use Tracey in this time to glorify him. 

·     Westbourne, Belfast | Pray for the urban mission congregation of Westbourne in east Belfast. Pray too for the local community, especially over the summer months, when tensions can increase.

Friday 25 June

·     Social Witness | Pray that the numerous staff vacancies within Social Witness (CSW) will be filled, and that the recruitment campaigns may produce suitable applicants. Give thanks for those who have recently started employment in CSW and for the Personnel Department who work tirelessly to recruit.

·     World Leaders | Following the recent meeting of the G7 hosted by the UK, pray that commitments made by
global leaders in relation to global vaccine rollout and climate change will be implemented and have a positive impact for those countries facing the worst effects of these significant challenges.

Saturday 26 June

·     General Council | The General Council, the most representative body of the General Assembly, meets next week,
on 30 June.  Please pray for wisdom in decision making as reports are received and necessary preparations are
agreed for the forthcoming meeting of the General Assembly in October 2021.

·     Council for Training in Ministry | Union College Management Committee meets on 28 June. Give thanks for the
past academic year, & for how the Lord sustained staff & students through very testing times. Pray the Lord would give the Committee wisdom, especially as significant repairs are needed to the library ceiling and heating system.



Sunday 13 June

·     Moderator | As the ‘marching season’ approaches, pray for calm in Northern Ireland, especially in the light of recent street violence.  Pray for the excellent work being done by PCI congregations in inner city areas.

·     Being a prayerful people | Ask God to help us to be a prayerful people, aware of his presence with us, always looking to him expectant that he will lead, guide and direct our steps.

Monday 14 June

·     Middle East | Pray for students and staff at JETS as they engage in the theological teaching-learning process under some restrictions in relation to Covid-19. Thank God that in spite of the disruption caused by the pandemic, JETS continues its strategic role in the Middle East ‘training Arab leaders for the Arab world’.

·     Myanmar | Pray for a just and peaceful resolution to the ongoing civil unrest following the military coup earlier this year. Pray for the leaders and members of the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar at this difficult time.

Tuesday 15 June

·      International Meeting Point | Pray for the staff and volunteers at International Meeting Point in South & North Belfast. Pray in particular for the Op Shop and for various meetings and Bible Studies as they restart in-person.

·      St Columba’s, Lisburn | Pray for outreach into the community. Pray for “The Kid’s Club” which began outdoors on 3 June and will run for six weeks. Give thanks for the great turnout so far. For many of those children this is their only “Sunday School”. Pray for deeper links with their families. 


Wednesday 16 June

·      Naomi Keefe (global mission worker, Brazil) | Pray for the evangelistic activities Naomi is involved in around St John the Baptist day. They plan to distribute soap packages to families which include simple devotional material explaining how Jesus alone can cleanse our sins. Pray that many will turn to him in repentance and faith.

·      Brazil | Pray for the people of Brazil who are suffering greatly from Covid-19. Pray for the witness of the Presbyterian Church of Brazil, that leaders and members will bring God’s comfort and strength to many.

Thursday 17 June

·     Philip Whelton (Irish mission worker, Arklow) | Pray for preparations to resume some activities in the autumn. This includes keeping parents updated regarding children & youth clubs, and maintaining a visible presence in town to remain in contact with people & assure them of the church’s care and concern for their well-being. 

·     Strand (East Belfast) | Pray for good fellowship amongst the congregation meeting together on Sundays.
Pray for the children and young people who go to Sunday Pals, that many will commit their lives to Christ.

Friday 18 June

·     Social Witness | Pray for all the home managers within CSW as they continue to work through the most challenging period in the life of the Social Care Sector – that they may guide their teams with renewed energy
into this important transitional time of returning to more normal routines. Give thanks that we are blessed with managers, who have shown great dedication and compassion over the past 15 months.

·     Council for Public Affairs | Following a recent meeting of the Council for Public Affairs pray for Rev Daniel Kane
in his role as convener and as the Church seeks to have its voice heard clearly in the public square.


Saturday 19 June

·     General Council | As congregations in Northern Ireland plan ahead for summer activities, pray for guidance for
kirk sessions and youth and children’s leaders.  Please pray that restrictions in ROI will soon also allow such
activities to take place.

·     Council for Training in Ministry | Three lecturer posts are vacant in Union College due to recent or pending retirements, and through colleagues moving on to new roles. Pray for the interview and selection process, that the Lord will guide clearly and that people will be appointed who he will be pleased to use in teaching students and training ministers.





Connecting with God through prayer is one of the extrordinary joys and privileges of being a Christian believer, but our calling to enjoy a prayer relationship with God goes far beyond our individual prayer lives -we are called to pray together.  If you live in the area or are connected with us in some way, be assured that there are people in our church who pray for you regularly. We particularly remember those who are going through times of illness, depression, loss and despair. We also give thanks to God for all the blessings that our community enjoys and, more than ever in these desperately  troubled times, we pray for those caught up in the terrible global conflicts and in the traps of poverty, oppression and disease.



The image that we use for Pray Together was created by Ken Teegardin for his site www.SeniorLiving.Org. We are using it with permission ( Cairncastle Presbyterian church is not responsible for the content of external links)