Lord, things aren’t right and we are frustrated.

Our anger tempts us to speak rashly,

too easily blaming and condemning others for everything.

Tension boils, prompting violence and destruction.

We surrender to the lying voices of hatred and anarchy.


Lord, save us!

Deliver us from the madness of conflict.

Send your angels to patrol our streets,

protecting innocent and vulnerable,

restraining those who are turning to wickedness.


May your Spirit teach wisdom,

a godly respect, an awakened conscience.

Sow in our hearts again the seeds of humility

and service and peace.


We confess our selfish indulgence and idols of this world

that have abandoned this generation to despair.

Forgive us and turn our hearts with zeal once more to Christ.


Prince of Peace, retake command in our hearts

and lead us in paths of righteousness and overcoming love.

For Your name’s sake, Jesus.