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Children and Youth

by Cairncastle Presbyterian

Big thanks to Lisa, Janett and Valerie for preparing and sending out ‘goodie bags’ to all the young people in preparation for Easter.  See the ‘Children’ and ‘Youth’ pages for further information.

Fancy a Chat?

by Cairncastle Presbyterian

During lockdown, we have really missed the chance to meet and interact together.  Fancy a chat?  You may like to join us for “The Friday Conversation”, an opportunity for Cairncastle members to say ‘hi’, read some scripture and pray together via Zoom.  Friday 12th March 8 – 9 pm.  Interested?  Contact the minister or your […]

Freewill Offering and United Appeal

by Cairncastle Presbyterian

We had previously arranged for Freewill Offering envelopes and United Appeal envelopes to be brought to church on 20th March, but in the current circumstances this has been postponed until 17th April.  Many thanks.

Saturday 30th January 2021

by Cairncastle Presbyterian

The ancient Aaronic Blessing played and sung by brothers and sisters in Scotland, complete with bagpipes!  Join us tomorrow as we think about ‘Responding to God’s Grace’.  

Mr Hubert Hunter

by Cairncastle Presbyterian

It’s with sadness we record the passing this morning of Mr Hubert Hunter of Sallagh Rd. We commend his family to everyone’s thoughts and prayers.