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Music Leader

by Willie Hunter

The Minister & Session are very pleased to announce that Dr Sylvia Gourley has been appointed as the Church Musical Leader. Our thanks are due to Mrs Avril Clements who has served in the post for many years!!

Sunday School

by Willie Hunter

Sunday School, Bible Class & Creche will meet/be available on 2nd & 4th Sundays of each month. 2022 Dates 9th January 23rd January 13th February 27th February 13th March 27th March 10th April  

Girls Brigade

by Willie Hunter

Girls Brigade starts again on Saturdays morning, 2nd September 23, at 10am in the Lecture Hall.   Speak to Angela, Laura, Hannah or Abi for more details.  


by Cairncastle Presbyterian

PW Announcement – Sunday 14th November It is proposed that PW will recommence with a ‘get together’ of members along with any women who may be interested in joining us on Monday 6th December at 2.00pm.  Please note the change to meeting in the afternoon which, it was felt, would be more acceptable.  This meeting […]


by Cairncastle Presbyterian

On Sunday 5th September we plan DV to observe the Sacrament of Communion.  The bread and wine will already be set out in the pews as we did last time.