Sunday 21st July at 11.00am              Rev Maynard Cathcart

Sunday 28th July at 11.00am             Rev Maynard Cathcart

Sunday 4th August at 11.00am          Rev Jack Drennan

Sunday 11th August at 11.00am         Rev Jack Drennan

Sunday 18th August at 11.00am        Rev Jack Drennan

Sunday 25th August at 11.00am        Rev Gabrielle Farquhar




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 A.E.D (Automated External Defibrillator) – Should this ever be needed, there is one available in Mattie’s.  Instructions for use are on the Coffee Area noticeboard.

 CONTACT US CARDS:  Copies of these are available in all pews and on vestibule table.  Please use them to let us know of a change of address, request for a pastoral visit or to let us know if a church member is ill or going into hospital.  Place completed card in box on vestibule table.  It is checked regularly and all details are treated in confidence.

 PRAYER ROOM:  At top of the stairs.  Available before and after service.  Please feel free to use it.