PRAYER POINTS – from the Moderator’s Week of Prayer (Enjoying God) MAR 1-8

SUNDAY:  Ephesians 1:18-19a Enjoying the Power of God.  Pray for:

  • God to dispel our low expectations of answers to prayer and that we might have the confidence to express, big, bold prayers laying hold of God’s grace.
  • God to pour out His Holy Spirit on our church.
  • A change in the spiritual temperature of our land and that our denomination as a whole might be used by God to enlarge His Kingdom.

MONDAY:  Psalm 139:13 Enjoying the Parenthood of God.  Pray for:

  • For Christians you know, that their experience of the love of the Father may become an infectious witness to everyone around them.
  • That you, and your church would have increasing opportunities to show the Father’s love. That you may be faithful and bold in speaking God’s Word into the lives of others and diligent in showing Christ in your actions.

TUESDAY:  1Peter 2:9  Enjoying the Purposes of God.  Pray for:

  • Every member of your church that they would feel the burden to proclaim the gospel – shaking off apathy and being filled with a compassion for the lost.
  • Grace to warmly embrace everyone, confident that the gospel changes and transforms us.

WEDNESDAY:  Lamentations 3:22-24  Enjoying the Provision of God.  Pray that:

  • Whilst thinking of an individual person you know, pray that the Holy Spirit, who always points to Jesus, would show them that Jesus can provide for them.
  • A brother or sister in Christ who is going through a hard time at the moment, would be able to find joy in the wonder of the gospel, even when things seem to be going wrong.

THURSDAY:  Zephaniah 3:17.  Enjoying the Pleasure of God.  Pray that:

  • As your church next gathers there would be an unmistakeable expression of the delight and blessing of God upon its worship.
  • Many more would respond to the gospel with curiosity, excitement and above all joy.

FRIDAY:  Psalm 46: 1-3  Enjoying the Peace of God.  Pray for:

  • Your church – that it might so embody the peace of God, that it would act like a magnet drawing in those on the periphery of your congregation and arousing their interest so that they might in turn experience this peace themselves.
  • For believers to become agents of peace in a society where sectarianism is all too prevalent and where difference of any sort is viewed with suspicion.

SATURDAY:  Psalm 16:11  Enjoying the Presence of God.  Pray for:

  • God to make Himself known in our land by a fresh outpouring of His Holy spirit and revival.
  • Christians to be able to sense the presence and the leading of God in a situation where God has brought an individual who is searching for God to them. Pray that they might have the right words to use.