PRAYER POINTS – this week taken from Bible Society NI





Pray for the continued development of the first French Family Bible and that it will be beneficial to families around the country. 

Pray for the French Bible Society, led by GS Jonathan Boulet, in their work to make the Bible more accessible to young people and those with disabilities.

Pray also for this increasingly secular society and that God would bring people back to Him.



Pray for work on the translation of the Bible into the Gallego language.  There are four official languages in Spain and Gallego is the last language to have an updated translation of the Bible available to believers.

Praise God for the work in Spain, led by GS Luis Fajardo, and pray that it continues.



Please thank God for the anniversary of 200 Years of the Almeida translation.

Pray for the Congress, the exhibition and the future Museum House, all intended to celebrate the life and work of the man who translated the Bible into Portuguese.

Pray for the revision of the Almeida Translation and that people would be able to read and understand this updated version.  The work here is led by Executive Director Miguel Jerónimo.