22nd January 2021

Check out our ‘Children and Youth’ page for a story for the boys and girls.

17th January 2021

It’s with sadness we record the passing this morning of Mr Hubert Hunter of Sallagh Rd. We commend his family to everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

16th January 2021

In recent months, restrictions have forced us to rely more on online services and communication.   To help us stay connected, we are currently updating our website.  Our ‘Read Together’ and ‘Pray Together’ pages will give us the opportunity to share in readings and prayer.   We hope to add pages for the boys and girls.  We will continue to publish pre-recorded services here each Sunday during the current lockdown.

Have a browse around the website and check back regularly as we continue to update information!

Join us tomorrow for another message from Romans 8, “Winning as people assured of heaven”.

5th January 2021 – After consideration of the present situation, Kirk Session have decided not to have services in the church building for the next few weeks. Join us for prayer and Scripture on our website and on Facebook.
Let’s try and stay safe and remember each other in prayer.

We look forward DV to welcoming the Moderator of Assembly, Dr David Bruce, as our special guest on Sunday 25th April 2021.